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Attention emergency management professionals and museum and library lovers! This map, developed by the Cultural Emergency Resource Coalition (CERC), shows the locations of approximately 1,100 organizations in Maine that collect and maintain cultural assets and make them available to the public (e.g. books, historical objects, art work, archival collections, etc.). It is best viewed with Google Chrome. The map is built on data gathered by the Association Maine Archives and Museums (MAM) in their Maine Cultural Institutions Outreach Project. The original data gathered by the project is available as a spreadsheet on the MAM web site.

The What: The institutions include libraries, museums, historical societies, research entities that have collections, historic lighthouses and many town offices. Each entry includes the organization name, physical location (street address or latitude and longitude), and additional address information, as well as phone numbers and web sites when they were available in the original MCIOP data.

The Why: This map is being made available to state and county emergency management professionals so that in the event of a regional disaster they can determine what cultural instititions may be in harm’s way and when CERC’s expertise should be called in to assist or advise with recovery efforts. It is also made available to the general public to promote a better awareness about the wealth of cultural assests available across the state.

The Disclaimer: The original MCIOP data was collected primarily to obtain contact information, not physical locations. Much of the original data was double checked as part of this project to confirm physical locations, but resource constraints prevented double checking all the data. As a result, some of the addresses may actually be a street address the organization uses for mail, not the actual physical location of the organization. In some cases organizations that only provided a PO Box proved unreachable by phone or email, so were omitted from the map. CERC also tried to account for institutions that maintain collections at multiple physical locations, but some of these may have been missed. However, the map as it currently stands is a very good representation of where Maine’s cultural assets are.

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