Disaster Planning – Enhanced

Once you have made it through the essentials of disaster planning, you are ready to flesh it out a little more with information that will help you mitigate disasters and to recover as successfully as possible. Following are the next steps that you should take in building your disaster plan.

  • Work through appropriate sections of the Heritage Preservation Walk Through Checklist noting concerns specific to your facility
  • Think about 3-5 most likely disasters for your facility and the possible supplies needed
  • Create a basic digital disaster plan
  • Identify the most important, institutionally significant and vulnerable collection items
  • Create a business continuity plan (phone access, paying bills, email access, etc. to keep basic functions going during an emergency)
  • Identify/reach out to possible partners, resources (work space, vendors, helpers)
  • Gather specific recovery instructions for materials in your collection
  • Create a plan for documenting your recovery efforts
  • Conduct a fire drill

The following Word documents include agendas for meetings to work through the disaster planning process, an overview and who should attend the meeting, things to keep in mind during the meeting, and suggestions and examples that have come out of CERC’s facilitated disaster planning process.

You do not necessarily need to do the meetings in exact order, but for best results the Fire Department Meeting needs to come after Facilities and Collections. Also be aware that a multi-building campus may require more than one Facilities Meeting.

Once you have completed the meetings and compiled the final plan, schedule a final meeting with everyone that was involved to review the plan contents.

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