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CERC: Maine grew out of an interest in what Massachusetts has accomplished with disaster planning for cultural institutions through CO-STEP (Coordinated Statewide Emergency Preparedness program) and the encouragement of Heritage Preservation. The Maine State Museum secured initial funding for CERC: Maine from the Maine Emergency Management Agency, through Homeland Security, and formed a partnership of key cultural organizations, conservators and emergency management personnel to guide the effort. The Maine State Library will assume leadership of CERC: Maine and integrate it into its regular services on September 1, 2016.

CERC: Maine’s mission is to create awareness among Maine’s cultural institutions of the importance of disaster planning and to help connect those institutions with the resources and people they need to best respond to and recover from a disaster.

Do you have questions? Contact us at or (207) 287-6696.

Cultural Emergency Resource Coalition: Maine – Steering Committee

Jon Brandon, East Point Conservation
E-mail Jon

Molly O’Guinness Carlson, Head Tide Archaeological Conservation Laboratory
E-mail Molly

Dave Cheever, Maine State Archives
E-mail Dave

Nancy Crowell, Scarborough Public Library
E-mail Nancy

Bernard Fishman, Maine State Museum
E-mail Bernard

Dwane Hubert, Maine Emergency Management Agency
E-mail Dwane

Howard Lowell, Maine Archives and Museums
E-mail Howard

Kirk Mohney, Maine Historic Preservation Commission
E-mail Kirk

James Ritter, Maine State Library
E-mail Jamie

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